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How to Choose the Holland Dentist for You

added on: July 13, 2012

Looking for a dentist in Holland? Well, times and dentistry have changed. Now, instead of opening up the Yellow Pages to search for a dentist, you better turn on the computer and search net

Why do you need to search the net? Not all dentists are the same; even one Holland general dentist may offer different dental care than the next Holland general dentist.

To make things more complicated, dentistry is constantly changing, too. To get the best care available, you have to make sure that the dentist you choose not only offers the care you need, but is also staying abreast of the most current technologies, techniques and materials.

But before you start searching, make sure you know what you’re searching for. Ask yourself these questions:

What kind of dentist do I need?
A family dentist that offers comprehensive care in one location?
A dentist that focuses on restorative dental care, like filling, bridges, crowns, dentures, etc. for the more mature patient?
A dentist that offers more specialized care like cosmetic dentistry? Endodontics? Periodontics? Orthodontics, TMJ treatment, etc?
A dentist that complements care with comfort, from sedation to patient amenities?

What are my expectations for care?
To maintain my oral health?
To restore my mouth to health? Do I have broken teeth? Do I want to replace missing teeth?
Do enhance the appearance of my smile?
To restore more than oral health, but also relieve painful TMJ symptoms or sleep apnea?

What do I want from a practice
The use of advanced technology?
A comprehensive range of treatment available in one location?
Convenient hours or location?
Dental insurance participation?

Once you know what kind of dentist you need, and define your expectations, search online for someone who meets your criteria. For example, if you need a general dentist, search: Holland general dentistry. Your search should give you a number of results. Once you find one you like, do some research on that dentist. (Most dentists have websites that have all the information you need. You can also read online patient reviews.)

Does that dentist have specialized training and experience in the area of care you need? Does he or she participate in continuing education? Does the dentist show photos of his or her patients and describe the treatment they received? Does the dentist offer any patient testimonials that you can read? There’s no better way to get the “feel” for a dentist than to hear what his or her patients have to say.

Finally, call the office and ask specific questions about the dentist and the care offered. If you feel confident and comfortable, schedule a visit. You’ve done your homework and you’re well on your way to getting the care you need and deserve!

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