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The Modern Way to White and Perfect Teeth. Dental Cleanings from Holland’s Dr. Jeff Huisman.

added on: July 13, 2012

Humans have found that keeping their teeth clean is an important activity. At first it was simply for survival – without teeth, one couldn’t eat properly. As time went on, the clean and white appearance of teeth became more important as well. The earliest known toothpaste, referred to in an Egyptian manuscript as a way to obtain “white and perfect teeth”, was a mixture of flowers now known to be an effective agent against gum disease. Other common – and probably less effective – dentifrices have included talc, honey and fruit. Nowadays, toothpaste is a little more effective and an important element – along with your regular dental hygiene and cleanings – in keeping your gums and teeth clean and healthy. We always recommend that you use a toothpaste containing Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral that helps protect and repair your tooth’s surfaces. It makes your teeth more resistant to attacks from sugars and acids and can even reverse early decay! And don’t forget, no matter what kind of toothpaste you use, or how well you brush your teeth, there is no replacement for your regular dental hygiene visits. To schedule your Holland Michigan dental cleaning today, call me, Dr. Jeff Huisman, at (616) 396-5919.

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