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added on: August 1, 2017
Huisman Family Dentistry in Holland

When you knock your front teeth out, no matter your age, it’s quite traumatic. The big smile does not appear very often. Over the years I’ve had several sets of new front teeth, but Dr. Jeff is the first one to get it right. He’s also the first dentist to have a sit-down consultation with me discussing options, listening to my suggestions, and answering my questions.

We ended up doing a little whitening on adjacent teeth and opted for a bridge rather than implants. Dr. Jeff worked on the fit until it was perfect and the color matched my other teeth. We even made the two front teeth a little bigger to look more like my original teeth. I was fitted for a bite guard to wear at night to protect all my teeth from wearing down. It was a long process but the end result was worth it. I love my smile again. Am I happier now? No, I’ve always been pretty happy. But I do have a new smile and I’m very pleased with that. Thank you Doctor Jeff.

The entire team at Huisman Family Dentistry, from Dr. Jeff and the dental assistants to the hygienists and the office staff, is great. My wife, Donna, my son, and my daughter are all Dr. Jeff’s patients. Our family is part of Huisman Family Dentistry and we couldn’t be happier

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