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added on: August 1, 2017
Holland, MI Tooth Restoration and Replacement

Recently I was faced with the need to replace bridgework that was over 30 years old. I had to choose between a bridge and implants. Dr. Jeff Huisman and his staff were an amazing group to work with from start to finish. Dr. Jeff clearly explained my options and, once I decided on implants, provided me with a step-by-step description of the process, which I really appreciated. His work was incredibly thorough, detailed and accurate and he consistently checked with me after each major procedure to make sure that the temporaries were fitting properly. He and his staff were extremely patient with me and my high anxiety level and they did everything possible to make me comfortable.

Dr. Jeff worked very well with the oral surgeon who did the bone graft and implants and kept an open line of communication, creating a great team working on my behalf. The entire process was long and, at times, inconvenient but well worth it. My teeth fit wonderfully, match my natural teeth in appearance, and work like teeth should. In addition, I feel better overall than I have in 20 years. The chronic pain in my face, neck and shoulder is gone. Removing the old bridge and replacing it with implants relieved the strain and tension on my muscles so that I am now living pain-free! Had I chosen another bridge, I would not have received a permanent fix for my missing front teeth and I would likely have reintroduced the chronic pain. Allowing the individual teeth to move independently of each other has made an incredible difference in my jaw and neck muscles. I’m very happy with the look and feel of the implants but I’m most pleased with the opportunity to face each day pain-free.

Many people have asked why I was willing to go through all the work it took to get these implants. For me, 10 months of procedures is nothing compared to the rest of my life with pain-free activity. Anyone living with chronic pain would probably agree with me. I still hate having dental work done but I would recommend Dr. Huisman and his staff to anyone. They are professional, punctual, very particular and extremely caring. For creating dental implants that need to last for decades, I can’t imagine anyone better.

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