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Eating Right for a Great Smile. Dietary Advice from Your Holland, Michigan Dentist

added on: September 11, 2012

Eating right has so many benefits – you feel fitter, healthier and stronger. But did you know that eating the right foods could do the same for your dental health.

While certain foods and beverages are most certainly harmful to your teeth, others can actually protect and boost the health of your mouth – while supporting whole body health as well. Here are a few tips to help you eat your way to health:

Ÿ  Add more milk, cheese or yogurt to your diet.  Dairy products seem to lessen the occurrence of tooth and gum disease and protect your tooth enamel by providing necessary calcium.

Ÿ   Drink tea! Compounds in black tea can kill growth and acid production of cavity-causing bacteria in dental plaque.

Ÿ  Add fresh, unprocessed foods to your diet. In other words, if you want a snack between meals, try something like crunchy and fresh raw veggies or crisp fruit. Not only are they good for you, they help clean your teeth.

Ÿ  Add more Xylitol-based gum and mints and cut down on sugary or carbohydrate rich foods. Xylitol actually helps prevent the formation of cavities!

Ÿ  Avoid foods that have the dangerous three – sugar, acid and stickiness. Sour gummies or tangy taffy kinds of candy are probably the worst in this category, but even dried fruits can be a culprit in causing tooth damage.

Ÿ  If you do eat or drink highly acidic things such as sports drinks or lemonade, be sure to wait at least 30 minutes before you brush to avoid further damaging your enamel.

For more information about how to keep your mouth healthy and strong, call my Holland, Michigan dental office at 616.396.5919.

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