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Advanced Periodontal Care with Lasers. The Gentle Way to Treat Gum Disease.

added on: September 25, 2012

Periodontal disease or gum disease is a major problem for dental patients in the United States – over 85% of the population has some form of periodontal (gum) disease. This is a very serious problem if you consider that gum disease affects much more than just your mouth.

Studies show that the bacteria associated with gum disease can get into your blood stream and travel through your system, causing a long list of serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, including pancreatic cancer; rheumatoid arthritis, complications in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes, premature birth and low birth-weight babies.

In fact, a study completed by Harvard shows that men with gum disease were 63 percent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer when compared to those with no periodontal problems.

That’s why we spend so much time and energy making sure our periodontal treatments are up-to-date and actually on the leading edge. We start by testing you for diabetes, then move on to our advanced treatment. Every treatment is, of course personalized to meet your particular needs, but often, we include laser therapy in the treatment.

Laser therapy is very effective in treating and healing gum disease. This therapy gently and quickly removes scar tissue in periodontal pockets, sealing the affected area as it passes and most of our patients undergo treatment without any anesthesia at all.  The laser also kills bacteria causing the disease and promotes the reattachment of the gum to tooth.  After laser therapy, we apply Arrestin®, a specialized antibiotic placed inside the infected gum pockets to continue killing bacteria for up to 21 days.

If you have not had your gums evaluated recently call my Holland, Michigan dental office at 616.396.5919. It could save more than your smile. It could save your life!

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